Ahh balance…. Certainly this is something that currently is getting hard to find! For me distance learning means too much screen time, too many virtual meetings and too little balance between home and school life! I am sure you are all feeling elements of this too.

Thinking back…

Before sharing my thoughts on this weeks concepts and reading. I wanted to give a few shout-out’s to some of the awesome posts that I have read in the past couple of weeks around the concepts of copyright, remix culture, communication and connections. Keep them coming!

Luis offered some glimpses into the things that we need to consider during distance learning to do with copyright in “Doing Copy… Right!“Let us peek at a glimpse of the simple planning life of any educator in today’s reality…Start my online conference using the platform that my school has implemented. If the tool allows the use of a custom virtual background, chances are I’ll want to use a different and fun one other than the default ones. Is that image/photo mine? I find among my personal library a picture book that matches perfectly with the theme of the day and decide to read aloud online for the students. Is this book out of copyright?”

Melanie explained in her blog post COPYRIGHT AND REMIXING that “at my grade level, I’m not concerned about students profiting from their created work. I’m concerned about them using someone else’s work as their own. It’s more about academic honesty and helping students feel safe enough to show what they know.”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Simon told us about a time that someone stole his photos and posted them on Facebook in Copyrights and wrongs. “In some ways, I suppose my ego should feel a little inflated by this, however, I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to my ability as a photographer. Instead, I felt a little hurt that I didn’t receive any credit for my original photographs or at least a message asking if he could repost them.” I wonder how others feel when do not credit our sources too! The internet remembers!

Julija shared her thoughts on remix culture in To Copy or Not to Copy… “We are learning from the best authors, artists, singers, composers, educators, business managers, personalities and explore their best works as examples. Remixing culture is inevitable.” You really want to check out Lithuanian remix artist Jolita Vaitkutė‘s website that has a host of remix-ed portraits and art. Thanks for sharing Julija!

Katya reflected in her post Evolution of Connections about just how communication changed. “Back then, we had to go to see our friends because not everybody had a simple home telephone, and we spend hours to speak and to play together in a real place and real-time. Nowadays the young generation communication transformed from real life to virtual reality, they use different social platforms to communicate, search the news, get new knowledge in a variety of areas (drawing, cooking, fashion, new heroes, new movies, games, news about celebrities, memes, etc.)”

Anyway on to Week 3 and lets think about how we try to find a balance with our digital presence.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Finding a Balance

This week we will be focusing on ISTE Educators Standard 3dEducators model and promote management of personal data and digital identity and protect student data privacy.

In our virtual learning environments that most of us are currently involved, this is a vital concept to think about. During our online meetings with students (via zoom, Meet, Teams etc) what may this look like ? OR When students are sharing their learning with others what might this mean? OR Can I share this lip-dub with the world that the school recently created?

It’s all about finding balance with our digital presence. You will reflect on how educators can maintain privacy while still contributing in a meaningful way to online communities. This may be different depending on where you are in the world, and the limitations you face in your particular school.

For example, some schools have restrictions or policies surrounding how we share student thinking and learning with others outside of your organization. Another thing to consider is how does GDPR effect data storage and retrival for your school?

You may also face specific guidelines surrounding how you express your opinions while still representing your school (Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer!) You may want to consider exploring the policy (or lack thereof) your school has when it comes to social media. If your school doesn’t have a policy surrounding social media and online sharing, what might you consider as a series of guidelines for both professional and student sharing in online spaces?

After all, sharing classroom experiences has proven to be worthwhile in building connections beyond school walls and creating authentic learning experiences. By sharing and learning from others in social media spaces, students build empathy and global understandings. As an educator, I have gained so much from my PLN and share frequently while still abiding by some best practices like not sharing the personal information of students. This is definitely a worthwhile topic in an ever increasingly connected online world.

A Few Reminders

Final Project: You are required to collaborate on this project to have the experience of a globally collaborative project. The most important aspect of this project is the concept of global collaboration, not the content.

Each member of the group should be part of our COETAIL 12 Cohort, but the more diverse you can make your group, the more realistic your global collaboration experience will be. Ideally, your group will have 3 to 5 participants and include at least 1 participant outside of your school.

Part of your challenge will be to communicate with the other members of your cohort to determine who might be interested in collaborating with you. How do you connect with others? Where might you go to make or look for connections?

Finally: By the end of this week, you will want to have 3 blog posts and 3 comment links posted in your gradesheet. We have a little extra time for this course so just let me know if you are running behind.