Finishing off Course 3

The Final Countdown.. The end of course 3 is rapidly approaching (25th October) and it is a quick turn around before we delve into Course 4 (which starts on 2nd November.) It is time for a little music to get us in the mood! Click on the link below to get your blood pumping and start creating your COETAIL Course Countdown to do list! 

This last week of the course is for you to finish up on all your blog posts and comments and give you time to complete your final project. Please see the “Understanding the Course 3 Final Project” unit to review the details. 

The Final Project

Your Course 3 final project must be publicly viewable and linked/embedded in a blog post with a reflective write up about the learning experience. Here are some questions that might guide your reflection:

  • Why did you choose the option you chose?
  • Why did you choose this topic? These standards?
  • How did you grow as a collaborator and facilitator during Course 3?
  • How was this final project different from or similar to other learning experiences you have designed/facilitated?
  • How does this final project relate to what you learned in Course 3?
  • What has influenced you the most in Course 3 and how is that reflected in your final project?
  • What outcomes do you hope to see when students (or educators) complete this unit? How will you know that students (or educators) have learned the concepts?
  • If you facilitated this experience, how did the learners respond to it? What feedback did you collect to inform future experiences?

I am really looking forward to seeing what you have created in your global groups.

Please reach out to me if you have any last minute questions!