How do we find inspiration to write a blog post? How do we find something that sparks our ideas and gets us thinking that someone else needs to hear about it? How do we speak up and share what is important?

This week I was working with our Grade 5 team, planning for their upcoming Model United Nations (MUN)Conference, in April. If you are not aware what MUN then it is 2 day conference centered around a dilemma. Students take the role of  delegate from a country and share ideas and create resolutions in a bid to solve the problem of the summit. This year the students are focused on the challenges to do with climate change and we have focused on some of the SDG’s, with students being asked to research their countries stance on the specific Sustainable Development Goals. Particularly SDG 7 (Clean Energy), SDG13 (Protect the planet), SDG 14 (Life Below Water) and finally SDG15 (Life on Land).

Screenshot from Sustainable Development Report 2020 – Global trends on SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

Screenshot from Sustainable Development Report 2020 – Panama rating on all SDGs

As we were talking and making plans for how best to share relevant and appropriate information to our 10-11 year old’s we found a really useful resource. The Sustainable Development Report 2020 was the perfect resource that we needed as it gives an annual review of all countries performance on the 17 SDGs. The resource contains SO much information but it is shared in such a great and interactive manner that students (and adults) can find information around a countries performance on meeting the Global Goals.

It got me thinking about what does it take to share something that is important to us? Sharing can be telling or giving something to a friend, or relative. Sharing can also be sharing to a wider audience through blogging or social media. 

With so much information out there, some of it good and some bad how can we do our bit as educators to Say Something and share the relevant and real stories/data that need to be shared so we can make a difference to our local and global worlds.

You see inspiration is everywhere. We just need to the ones who share it out.

Luis Carlos shared that for his most recent blog  post titled “Speak Up!” came form a friend who was in similar situation of being a locally hired educator, at an International School. ” A few days ago, a co-worker, previously in the same situation as me and now an expatriate in an international school in India, sent me the link to an article that made me think even more about this issue. The title, “Are you white enough?” says a lot on its own.” His post connects with Bobbie Harro’s Cycle of Socialization from C4 and has Luis Carlos wondering  “There is the possibility that later it will be me who enters the international school circuit. I can’t stop thinking that I will contribute in a certain way to perpetuate this cycle. I hope it will also help by weakening the paradigms of hiring based on skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, and native language. “

Melanie shared how she is being flexible in her approach to C5 as the life of a teacher in 2021 (hybrid, blended, in-person, virtual etc) keeps on throwing curve balls all over the place. “In real life, I’m not super flexible. If I work at stretching everyday, I can lengthen my muscles but only to a point. If I keep stretching, I can maintain my gains but that’s it. No more lengthening. Just like in real life; I can lengthen, shorten, change my lesson plans and teaching methods to adapt to switching from virtual to on campus learning for weeks at a time. But only to a point. At one point, no matter what I do, I can only maintain and it feels like there’s no gain. I just want to get through the lesson and try my best to adapt it to virtual learning.”

Andrea is seeking to inspire others to join the #COETAIL community as she shares “As my personal COETAIL experience comes to an end, I want to hopefully inspire some of you out there who are considering joining…As my COETAIL journey comes to an end, I can honestly say that this has been one of the best professional development opportunities I have been apart of. I have grown my PLN, added a trunkload of new resources and tools to my teaching “toolbox,” and witnessed my students benefit from the deep learning experiences I have created throughout the past year.” Check out her great video reflection on her time with COETAIL.

You see, inspiration is everywhere. From reflections, from flexibility, and from friends sharing an article which got us thinking. The important part to all this is continuing to share our ideas and thoughts with a wider audience.

I am go to leave you with a read aloud and the wonderful Peter Reynolds who is reading his book “Say Something”.

I wonder what will you say?

Getting Creative with Course 5

Some of you may find that your plans for your Course 5 project are completely up in the air right now. While I know this may be a hurdle you feel like you just can’t handle right now, you might see how this can also be a great opportunity to feature some of the wonderful things that can be achieved with virtual /hybrid/blended learning. If you keep the focus on student learning you will be coming at it from the right place. As always I am here for support so don’t hesitate to reach out.