Nearly there…

Not long to go now….Your 18 month journey of being a COETAILer is rapidly coming to an end. But being part of the COETAIL community this is really just the beginning of being part a community of connectors and collaborators.

This year has been like no other in our lifetimes with so many changes, challenges and disruption from our norms, prior to December 2019. I want to let you know how inspiring it is to see how you have all been rising to the challenge of in person/blended/hybrid/distance etc etc… learning and showing leadership within your school communities and around the world. Thank you!

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that we are aiming to have four blog posts and one community blog post completed by May 2nd. We also hope to have your final project shared with our community by that date so that we can provide meaningful and thoughtful feedback to our cohort by May 16th. That is the last day of the course.

As ever please let me know if I can help and support you in any way. I am just an email away.

We are in the final stretch and I can not wait to see all your deep thinking and big takeaways in your blog posts and your final projects.


My next blog  will feature some tricks and tips in creating videos for your final project but this week we will focus on being a Community All Star. 

Community Connectors and Collaborators

For this element of the course, we expect you to continue on your own and stay involved in the COETAIL community, build your own PLN, and collaborate with educators around the world.

There are new COETAILers who need your support and encouragement. Check out COETAIL 13 blog posts, who are currently finishing up Course 1 and leave a comment or two. There are groups and discussions around specific tools and topics, and, of course, your own blog in which you can continue to share your own learning as you work on your final project and teaching in general. 

Your involvement in the COETAIL community, as well as your work building your PLN, must be detailed in a reflective blog post, which includes documented evidence of consistent and ongoing dialogue with others in your PLN. Your blog post must include a reflection on the process of collaborating and connecting, as well as clearly documented examples of that collaboration (these can be screenshots, direct links, or other creative ways to demonstrate your involvement). As we are asking you to go beyond the expectations of previous courses, these documented examples must be more than just blog post comments. They need to be sustained interactions with others on a variety of social media platforms. 

Some of you are already beginning to reflect on how you are connecting and collaborating with your communities. Lets take a look to see if it sparks some inspiration.

Andrea shared a video about her reflections of being part of the COETAIL community and how she had been connecting with other COETAILers throughout the course. Including Zoom conversations with the COETAIL 12 educators (see screenshot below). When is there ever too much Zoom!!

A. Goodrich 2021

Luiz wrote about the way he has been inspired to connect and collaborate with others through Twitter Chats. As part of his deep dive into this he also took on the hosting a first IB cross-programme chat on Twitter which he co-hosted and included #PYPchat #MYPchat #DPchat around the “Approaches to Teaching” Topic. Impressive!

Cindy has documented how she has been delving into many different ways of connecting out with Twitter Chats, Guest blog posts, future colleagues, COETAIL 12 cohort and other educators cohorts that she is part of. Wow!

There is no right or wrong way of sharing how you have connected and collaborated with our community. Take a look at the  rubric here for further support and guidance.

Looking Ahead

Over the next 5 weeks, you will be in the middle of the final touches to your Course 5 project and  also finishing up your posts. Here is a reminder about what is required before the  May 16 deadline:

  • 4 blog posts of your choice. Take a look at the prompts located here for inspiration
  • 1 Community Engagement post. See the rubric here.
  • 1 final reflective post containing your project and video. This post should be a reflection on your process, what you learned, and contain your project materials and video.

If you have any questions at all please reach out! I am here to help and support you.