Congratulations! You did it!

Wow we made it! Online 12 can now take a breather and be proud of finishing off Course 5 with a bang. I was so impressed by the dynamic and original projects created and shared during what might be the most unusual 15 months any of us have ever lived through.

You are the first COETAIL Cohort to start and end your the course in the midst of Pandemic. We have all had to be flexible in our professional lives as we transitioned from in person, to virtual, to hybrid on multiple occasions. Personally, too, we have felt the effects of not being able to get back “home” and spend time with family and loved ones. I can’t express how impressed I am with your ability to change plans on short notice and take on entirely new learning contexts at the same time as completing COETAIL.

Innovative Final Projects

I have been so impressed seeing you in action, reading your rich reflections and seeing so many of the BIG COETAIL CONCPETS embedded into your Final Projects. It is wonderful to see these big ideas such as:
  • CARP and Visual Literacy
  • Self- Advocacy
  • Authentic Audience
  • Feedback
  • Student Action
  • Intuitive use of Technology to redefine T&L
  • Coding
  • Music
  • Collaboration

AND so much more… I urge you to watch each other’s projects if you have not had a chance to do so yet.  We learn so much from each other and a ten minute video and a read of a blog post can really get us thinking about things differently. Don’t forget making a comment will also make someone’s day!

Creating and recording final projects took on exciting pathways this year because of the manner in which schools have been operating. While this has been challenging at times the creativity and depth of your projects were not affected.  COETAILers partnered with learning teams at a distance using multiple forms of technology, while connecting with students in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. Here are just a few examples from the amazing COETAIL Course 5 projects:

Andrea Goodrich’s project focused on empowering students through Choice, Voice and Action. Students chose a social issue using the UN’s SDG’s, researched about their topic and then wrote and performed TED Talk’s for audience.

Julija Balčiūnė‘s project was a great mixture of Gamification, Coding, Music, CARP and so much more. I loved hearing the students create, modify and share their music creations through design principles, collaboration and feedback. “During this unit, students could see each other’s works and leave meaningful comments to each other on a Seesaw Blog. I was surprised how often students were reacting to the feedback received after the submission of their creations, which helped them improve their works and resubmit even better soundtracks.”

Images by Julija Balčiūnė

Luis Carlos Moreno cleverly embedded both the ISTE standards for Educators and ISTE standards for Students seamlessly into his Podcast Final Project. There was so much collaboration in the way that this project was created, refined and finally recorded. After reading LC’s post and watching his video you really get a sense of the power of involving students in the learning every step of the way.
ShaleneLaRae’s  final project really pushed how to give more voice and choice into the learning for her students. At the same time of developing their self advocacy skills the students continued to develop their technological toolbelts to share their stories. Students honed their skills with Movie Maker, Padlet, Flipgrid, Near Pod and G-Suite products. As a result of them using them more regularly in the classroom they were able to choose the tool to match the task. Now that is empowering!
Overall, there are almost too many highlights to fit into one blog post. If you want to check out more of the awesome COETAIL online 12 Final Projects, then click here on a Padlet that houses them all in one place. 
Thank you all once again. I have really enjoyed getting to know you from afar and learning about you, your students and your schools. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future.