Program Details

What is COETAIL?

COETAIL is a 5-course certificate program designed by, and for, educators. Grounded in the ISTE Standards and following a cohort model, COETAILers become ’empowered professionals’ and ‘learning catalysts’ in an authentic, practical, project-based learning environment.

COETAIL was founded in 2009 by Jeff Utecht and Kim Cofino, and has seen over 20 cohorts go through the program. Our community of over 1000 program graduates overwhelmingly found COETAIL beneficial to their careers. 93% of participants surveyed said the COETAIL program had a direct influence on their teaching practice.

The 18-month program is composed of five courses to help you explore the importance of learning with technology for today’s students. Each course is 6-weeks long, requiring an average of 8-12 hours per week. You will be guided through the courses by an instructor dedicated to your cohort.

  • Course 1: Ourselves as Learners
  • Course 2: Literacy in Today’s World
  • Course 3: Visual Literacy: Effective Collaborators & Communicators
  • Course 4: Learner-Driven Instruction
  • Course 5: Alive in the Classroom: Application of Innovative Pedagogy

These courses follow a linear pattern and build upon the foundations built in previous courses. You will learn to develop the habit of staying on top of the current trends in curriculum and assessment while reflecting on your learning throughout the program. COETAIL is unique in that the material is designed so that you can immediately apply what you learn in your classroom and school.

Empowering Educators in a Connected World

The COETAIL community is passionate about student learning. With this student focus at our core, COETAIL empowers educators in our increasingly connected world. Not only does our content differ from typical professional development that educators are accustomed to, our community approach to learning is also a new experience for many. COETAIL sets itself apart by nurturing a strong community of educators just like you, hoping to improve their teaching practice, methods, and curriculum with a central focus on students.

Have you ever felt isolated as an educator? One of the greatest benefits of technology is the ability to instantly connect with other people around the world. COETAIL harnesses this through our cohort approach and ever-growing community. We believe that we learn and grow better together instead of in silos. Our cohorts become tightknit groups of educators who support each other throughout their COETAIL experience while our active community of over 1000 COETAILers are only a hashtag away. Before, during, and after your COETAIL experience, the COETAIL community is ready to ask questions, share advice, and learn from and with each other.

The greatest benefit we hear from COETAIL participants is the enduring community built during their time in the COETAIL program:

In addition to the course materials, I learned so much from the other people in the program. I feel like I’m part of a network of educators I can turn to for support.

2016 Participant

As educators ourselves, we understand the challenges involved with balancing your learning and growth with that of your students while also taking care of yourself as a person. Our core desire is to offer a flexible professional development experience that meets the demands of the life of educators. COETAIL is 100% online, taking place over 3 semesters (18 months) and providing space for both summer vacation and school holidays. We work with you to help you get the most out of your program.

COETAIL bridges the geographical gap and encourages genuine relationships between members of your cohort and COETAIL community. You’ll build your professional learning network (your tailored network of other educators around the world), share successes, and gain ideas for your classroom that you will be able to implement immediately.

A Community Approach to Learning

COETAIL is based on sound pedagogical foundations that aim to help participants learn the material quickly and effectively within a cohort setting:

  • Connectivism Theory
  • Learning Communities
  • Mastery Learning
  • Efficacy of Online Learning

We believe that the social nature of the COETAIL program supports participants throughout their online learning journey. During COETAIL you will enhance your practice through immediate application of your learning in your context, reflection via blogging, and building a community with educators around the world.

You’ll learn with and from the other participants in your COETAIL cohort as well as your instructor. Cohort members regularly communicate by commenting on each other’s reflective blog posts, which are designed to showcase learning and promote critical thinking in a transparent, public environment. Rich in ideas, suggestions and encouragement, the dialogue that occurs in these blog comments helps participants to expand their thinking by viewing topics from multiple points of view and be more open to feedback.

Tools You’ll Need

To take part in the COETAIL program, you will need to have access to the following:

1. A computer with an Internet Connection. This is a fully online program. A decent Internet connection is a must!

2. A Google Account.  We use the Google Apps Suite (Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail) extensively throughout the program.

3. A blog on the COETAIL site (we’ll set this up during registration).

All required assignments will be posted to your blog. Each course will consist of 5 blog posts, a minimum of 5 comments, and a final project shared on your blog. We’ll talk about this during the first course.